Mary worked with me for years and is not only a lovely person she is an excellent physio.
Robert Heffernan
In the early months of 2013 I suffered from a venous sinus thrombosis (brain clot) which left me with scar tissue on my brain and epilepsy and shortly after this I had a severe lymph node infection. After this experience I was unable to resume my training in Track and Field , specifically in the Heptathlon, for several months. As my body tried to re adapt to the strains, aches and tightness that crept in , by winter I knew I could be headed for physical trouble. This was when I first began receiving physiotherapy treatment from Mary Gleasure at Carberry Chartered Physiotherapy. The amazing work that was done for me by Mary was not only helpful in my physical recovery , but my mental recovery was also greatly enhanced. Many have a false impression that sometimes the physio is somewhere to go for a massage , in reality physiotherapy is a science and an art form that over the years I have grown a complete fascination for. Mary provided me with every minute detail of information and explained all the necessary terminology to me on a regular basis , be it on the treatment I was receiving or any general questimated I had. She also never failed to let me leave without feeling better and having the peace of mind that with the help of her treatment and exercises provided to me by her , there was no pain that couldn't be resolved. Luckily for today's generation , physiotherpay plays a huge role, and I most definitely would not have returned to where I was before my illness and gone further to where I am today without this help. I now find myself , two years later, on a full student-athlete scholarship to America, due in no small part to the expertise and helpfulness of Mary Gleasure and Conor O'Mullane.
Grace (International Track & Field Athlete)